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Updated: Nov 20, 2021

Thank you for visiting Vanita Jewelers' blog! We will be posting updates to this page as frequently as possible. For starters, please sign up here to get updates and so that you can be kept in the loop with what is going on at Vanita Jewelers, the market trends, related information to jewelry, when we are having sales, when the latest jewelry is posted on our social media websites, etc. While you are at it, please show us some support and follow our social media on FaceBook, Instagram, and TikTok that all have the same handle @vanitajewelers.

As much as we would love you visiting us online, we would also love to meet each and every one of you in person at our store, 814 Newark Ave, Jersey City, NJ! Our staff is fully vaccinated and we do what we can to accommodate our customers in these unprecedented times. We also urge our customers to book a appointment via phone, 201-918-5151, to have a more personalized experience when shopping with us and to practice social distancing. Please visit us virtually or in-person, where we would be happy to find you the perfect pieces of jewelry.

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